The Colorado Association of Geotechnical Engineers (CAGE) was established in 1995 by a small group of owners of geotechnical engineering firms in Colorado. This visionary group of founding members saw the need for a much greater exchange of technical and professional information between practicing geotechnical engineers, in an effort to advance the profession and to promote the public welfare.

Since CAGE was formed it has experienced steady and significant growth, with more than 120 members from more than 60 different companies and organizations. Beyond the growth in the size of our membership, the organization has made great strides in promoting and improving the practice of geotechnical engineering in Colorado. CAGE’s contributions to the profession have included the hosting of regular luncheon meetings with guest speakers, sponsoring local geotechnical seminars, establishing committees to evaluate and respond to various geotechnical issues, and issuing several publications relevant to the geotechnical practice in Colorado. In addition, CAGE has promoted collegial interactions between members and practitioners in related fields of geology, civil and structural engineering.
CAGE promotes the geotechnical profession in all market sectors – residential and commercial construction, transportation, mining, water and wastewater, energy, dams, industrial development, etc. We host a monthly meeting which typically includes a presentation from a geotechnical lead representing one of the various market sectors relevant to practice in Colorado. Have an idea for a presentation / speaker? Click here to contact us.


CAGE endorses the use of qualifications-based selection (QBS) for the procurement of geotechnical engineering services.  For Federal- and State-funded projects, QBS procurement of A/E services is mandated, and any procurements not conforming to QBS should be brought to the attention of QBS Colorado or ACEC.  CAGE members are encouraged to educate other government and private clients about the benefits of QBS.  ACEC and QBS Colorado have educational publications to assist in client education, including a flyer presenting suggestions for QBS procurement for small projects.

For the full CAGE Position on QBS, click here.

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