CAGE Commentary on Geotechnical Practices: Over-Excavation for Expansive Soil and Bedrock Mitigation in Colorado's Front Range (2022)

This Commentary was developed by the Colorado Association of Geotechnical Engineers (CAGE) based on inquiry and discussion among CAGE’s membership regarding their experience with over-excavation techniques for expansive soil and bedrock mitigation in Colorado’s Front Range.

CAGE Position Statement on the Use of Post-tensioned Slab-on-Ground Foundations for Support of Residential and Light Commercial Buildings in the Colorado Front Range

Commentary on geotechnical practices: drilled pier design criteria for lightly loaded structures in the Denver metropolitan area (1999)

This document presents a summary of the historical development and current state of the practice for pier design as it relates to lightly loaded structures in the Denver Metropolitan Area. This paper only addresses issues of vertical load capacity and uplift resistance; it does not address issues of bending or lateral loads.

Geotechnical study guidelines for light commercial and residential buildings in Colorado (2007)

Developed by CAGE, the guidelines include section on: Defining the Project and Identifying the Geotechnical Issues, Exploring the Geotechnical Characteristics of the Site, Establishing Design Criteria, Providing Geotechnically-Related Construction Recommendations, and Identifying Potentially Related Issues and Expressing Limitations of the Study.

Guideline for slab performance risk evaluation and residential basement floor system recommendations (Denver metropolitan area), plus guideline commentary(1996)

This document presents a guideline for slab performance risk evaluation and recommendations regarding residential basement floor systems based upon a consensus opinion of what CAGE members believe is the state of the practice in the Denver metropolitan area at this time.

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